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With these examples and other references, we discuss the nature and scope, limitations and usefulness of local knowledge in natural resource management. By regularly interacting with their local environment, protected area practitioners may generate local ecological knowledge (LEK) that can be used to inform management decisions. However, the accuracy of LEK is generally poorly understood, and no studies have assessed the accuracy of practitioners’ personal knowledge, leading to a vital gap in our ability to best use this information to guide management. 2018-12-01 Advancing the use of local ecological knowledge for assessing data-poor species in coastal ecosystems. Beaudreau AH, Levin PS. Many of the world's most vulnerable and rapidly changing ecosystems are also among the most data-poor, leading to an increased interest in use of local ecological knowledge (LEK) to document long-term environmental change. Abstract: The use of local ecological knowledge (LEK) has been advocated for biodiversity monitoring and management. To date, however, it has been underused in studying wild populations of animals and, particularly, in obtaining quantitative abundance estimates.

Local ecological knowledge

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This study used qualitative data collection and analysis to examine the local ecological knowledge, limitations, and perceptions of the small-scale commercial fishermen working within Biscayne National Park, Florida. 2018-05-03 Local ecological knowledge (LEK) surveys have been recommended as an important tool to collect data for small elusive species. We carried out community-based interviews in 20 villages surrounding Mpem et Djim and Deng-Deng National Parks to gather information on local ecological and traditional medicine knowledge… 2017-08-18 traditional and local ecological knowledge into forest management, a number of social, economic, and policy constraints have prevented this knowledge from flourishing and being applied. These constraints should be addressed alongside any strategy for knowledge integration. Keywords: Traditional ecological knowledge, forest management, biodiversity Local ecological knowledge among Baka children: a case of "children's culture" ? J Ethnobiol.

An ecosystem approach to governance of social-ecological systems

Rediscovery of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as adaptive  Get to meet and interact with local people and learn about the Bardi Jawi traditional ecological knowledge and modern ways to live off the bush and the ocean  citizen science traditional ecological knowledge low literacy geography. Projektansvarig: N/A. Geografisk plats: 51.524740, -0.133359.

Local ecological knowledge

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Local ecological knowledge

knowledge on ecological systems directly, the classical approach to management of natural resources, which is solely based on scientific knowledge, is destined to be unsuccessful (Davis and Ruddle,2010). Although rare, examples suggest that the inclusion of LEK and the involvement of local fishers, increases the chances Abstract. Local ecological knowledge and the land use practices of forest resource users who rely on this form of knowledge play a crucial role for biodiversity conservation in managed forests. The understandings of, and approaches taken to analyze, such knowledge are diverse. Local ecological knowledge and marine fisheries research: The case of St. Georges Bay fish harvesters' ecological knowledge of White Hake (Urophycis tenuis) predation on juvenile American lobster (Homarus americanus).

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, also called by other names including Indigenous Knowledge or Native Science, (hereafter, TEK) refers to the evolving knowledge acquired by indigenous and local peoples over hundreds or thousands of years through direct contact with the environment. This paper synthesizes the existing literature about traditional and local ecological knowledge relating to biodiversity in Pacific Northwest forests in order to assess what is needed to apply this knowledge to forest biodiversity conservation efforts. We address four topics: (1) views and values people have relating to biodiversity, We hypothesized that local ecological knowledge can help to fill this gap.
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ecosystem is retained and stored among a group of people, and modified  In line with this, the knowledge of fishing environments influences professional and local identities. Natural environments influence fishers' self-identification as  Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Local Ecological Knowledge; Ecological Knowledge; Fengshui; Fengshui forest;Traditional Forest Management; Traditional  Local Ecological Knowledge and Institutional Dynamics for Ecosystem Management: A Study of Lake Racken Watershed, Sweden. Ecosystems 4  ecological and socio-economic measurements, and by empirically studying variations and diversity in content of local ecological knowledge among resource  innovative collaboration for ecosystem conservation, involving actors representing Local ecological knowledge, based on long-term management, monitoring  The diversity of European agro-ecosystems are related to the interaction between local environmental factors and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)  Local ecological knowledge and institutional dynamics for ecosystem management: a study of Lake Racken watershed, Sweden.

Through interviews with 47 local experts and 197 randomly selected households in 8 rural communities of the tropical dry forests of northwestern Peru and southern Ecuador, we identified the species perceived as most useful, most threatened, and most resistant to local stress factors.
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Sacred Ecology: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and

Forests, Trees and Livelihoods: Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 43-58. Ghislain Difouo Fopa, Franklin Simo, Sévilor Kekeunou, Ichu G. Ichu, Daniel J. Ingram, and David Olson "Understanding Local Ecological Knowledge, Ethnozoology, and Public Opinion to Improve Pangolin Conservation in the Center and East Regions of Cameroon," Journal of Ethnobiology 40(2), 234-251, (27 July 2020).

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2018-04-05 An interdisciplinary approach is necessary for the sustainable management and governance of renewable natural resources, in which “Local Ecological Knowledge” (LEK), a quintessentially Fishers’ Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) on Connectivity and Seascape Management 1 Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden 2 Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Coastal Research, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Local knowledge represents the current position of a local community in terms of its land use. Since local conditions vary and people have different objectives and levels of dependence on soil resources, local ecological knowledge may vary from place to place. However, some commonality may exist when farmers have similar means of observation 2014-10-15 Local ecological knowledge (LEK) refers to knowledge, practices, and beliefs shared among local resource users regarding ecological interaction within ecosystems . LEK comprises people’s lived experiences and their dialectical interaction with the natural environment [ 13 ]. 2020-07-20 2020-06-25 Most “Local Ecological Knowledge” (LEK) studies of wildlife are qualitative. Consequently, LEK is rarely integrated into wildlife management decision making, a discipline that historically has relied on quantitative results derived through accepted scientific methods (Mauro and Hardison 2000).